Northern Lights BBS Access Instructions

 The Northern Lights Bulletin Board System is one of the first "IBM Compatibles" BBS's in Maine. It may be the oldest that is still running and accessible. It also was one of the first to be directly accessible from the Internet. Begun in 1983, and offering Internet services since 1984 (Internet email and Usenet news group access) it has been run primarily as a hobby since its earliest days. Northern Lights Internet Service grew out of the BBS era and has been run as a business since 1994. The BBS has remained available, virtually frozen in time (no maintenance, no updating) since that time.

 You're cordially invited to enter the BBS. You must invoke a telnet client and direct it to:
  Here is a link, if your computer has been properly configured:

 If you are unable to access the BBS, please let me know via email to:

 You're welcome to download files you find on the BBS. Make sure you have selected the transfer protocol "T" before starting your download. We recommend the mTelnet client for accessing the BBS as it has a built-in implementation of the Zmodem protocol for telnet (compatible with the BBS's "T" protocol). mTelnet also allows you to upload files to the BBS, and we LOVE(!) to receive new, useful files.

 Jack Kilday
 Northern Lights Internet Service

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