Northern Lights Dial-Up Services Information

                                       Duration of Access
  Service                              3       6       12
  Level:                             Months  Months  Months
  ------                             ------  ------  ------
   1 - Standard Service              $ 55    $ 105   $ 200
        (Portland Local Access)

   2 - National Service              $ 60    $ 115   $ 220
        (Your choice of 1 of 4 
        networks, all 56K modems, 
        7000+ locations nationwide)

   Standard Service prices above work out to $18.33/mo., 3-month minimum,
  or for 6 months, $17.50/mo., and for 1 year, $16.67/mo.

 Please note that our prices for quarterly or longer access periods are payable in advance and do NOT require an installation or setup charge. The only exception is a $10 service charge for changing from 1 of the 4 national networks to another (applies only to current users of the National or Premium service).

 You may view the access numbers for our national service. Your choice of network should be a function of the coverage information you'll find.

 Should you have further questions regarding Northern Lights Internet Services, our telephone (voice) support line is 207-712-4009. Or, you may contact us via e-mail as indicated below.

 Our printable registration form. Save or print from your browser, complete the form and mail in with your remittance.

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