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                      Northern Lights Internet Services
                      Dial-Up Account Registration Form

TO:                              FROM:
   J. C. Kilday Associates                Name _______________________________
   P.O. Box 1961
   Portland, ME 04104                  Address _______________________________

                                City,State,ZIP _______________________________

                                Home Telephone _______________________________

Northern Lights offers flat-rate 56K dial-up Internet access accounts.
All accounts include a single Internet e-mail mailbox and a free
home page on the Northern Lights web server (
Northern Lights does NOT charge an account installation fee.  And we assist
you in setting up appropriate access software on your computer.

Please indicate the desired type of account and initial duration by
circling the appropriate price in the table below.  The effective per-month
cost decreases as the initial sign-up period increases.

                                                 DURATION OF ACCESS
Account Type:                               3 Months   6 Months   12 Months
-------------                               --------   --------   ---------
Standard Service Account                       $ 55       $105        $200
 (Uses our Portland, Maine 56K phone lines.) 

National Service Account                       $ 60       $115        $220
 (All 56K service, can include Portland,
   plus over 7000 locations nationwide.
   Your choice of 1 of 4 national networks)

Please indicate your desired UserName below, up to 8 characters, no spaces.
Examples: johndoe, jdoe, batman, etc.  If you have a preference for a
particular password please provide it also.  Recommended passwords include
both letters and numbers where the letters do not spell a word.  If you
do not provide a password, one will be assigned.

      UserName:  ________________ (8 chars/max, all letters lower case)

      Password: _________________ (if left blank one will be assigned)

If your service choice includes a national network, please carefully select it
(see and enter your choice: ________.

Computer OS (check 1): _ Windows 95/98/ME  _ Windows XP/2000; _ Mac; _ Other

Please return with your check in the amount circled in the table above and
payable to J. C. Kilday Associates.

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